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           “I was born in Villafranca del Bierzo, in the western limit of the Leon province, and there I started to read, during my teenage years". More than once, in his interviews, conferences and autobiographic texts, Antonio Pereira (1923-2009) has reminded those early years, in which the fondness for reading arose, his first dares with the pen, the long way towards being a well known "writer".

         Antonio Pereira was very young when he started writing, specially poems, but a lot of time would have to pass before he had seen his first book published. He benefited from the generous poetic environment around Espadaña, at the end of the 40s in Leon and, even when he was not part of the poetic group, he published a few poems in that magazine. He was an active participant in literary forums, both in Leon and Madrid, and his literary independence has been a constant during his life. Fortunately, the 60s have witnessed the rise of a writer that was ripening in previous years and that, probably, had been postponing his first publication due to an excess of perfectionism, always visible in his literary texts.

         Almost at the same time emerges the poet (his first book of poems, El regreso, was published in 1964, in the prestigious collection "Adonais"), the storyteller (his first book of tales, Una ventana a la carretera, receives the award "Leopoldo Alas" in 1966 and is published a year later), and the novel writer (his novel Un sitio para Soledad, selected in the Nadal Award of 1968, published in 1969). After that, an abundant bibliography, both in poetry and narrative, with success backed up by prestigious awards.

         There has been several "official" recognitions received, among them, the “Leonés del año” (1985) award, the “Doctorado Honoris Causa” by the Universidad de León (2000) and the “Premio Castilla y León de las Letras” (2001). Not less important has been the constant affection of his readers, always waiting for a new work from his pen.

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