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The Antonio Pereira Foundation is linked to the University of Leon and has its grounds on the building of the Central Library San Isidoro in the Campus of Vegazana.

The Rector of the University of Leon, is the President of the Board. As requested by the founders of the Foundation, the president of the Junta de Castilla y León, now D. Juan Vicente Herrera Campo, accepted the Presidency of Honor.

The Antonio Pereira Foundation has the aim of promoting all kinds of activities of scientific or cultural matter that helps the conservation and popularization of the literary works of Antonio Pereira, and also other activities related to literature, arts and Humanities in general.

For this purpose, the Foundation could organize congresses and every kind of national and international meetings, promote courses and conferences, give personal grants, make publications, organize contests with awards and, in general, help with the adequate resources to realize the aims for which it has been founded. The Foundation will collaborate with different organizations and entities, both national and international, for the development of its goals.

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